Operation Irongate Day 18

BP cuffing apprehended IAs

Posted on Nov 06, 2016

Scouts were in position glassing and one Scout spotted four IAs heading due north from his position and notifies me and I then notified BP dispatch.  They sent in agents on ATVs and Omaha.

When Omaha arrives, I directed them from the ground in the direction the IAs were travelling.  Then Scouts orchestrated my movement so I could get in front of the IAs since BP was on their rear.

Arriving at a trail predictably in front of them, one IA ran across the trail in front of me.  I hit the sirens and the IA stopped and surrendered. A BP agent arrived on site and informed us they had two of the others in custody and were still looking for the fourth.  The BP agent cuffed this guy and walked him up the hill and more BP agents join with the other two in custody.  They cuffed them all together while they continued looking for the fourth.

Likely the missed IA was the coyote and was in front of this guy.

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