Operation Irongate Day 6

Four Hispanic males detected and apprehended

Posted on Nov 03, 2016

Scouts spot four IAs going north and contact BP.  BP shows up on ATVs.  I gave the agents a Scout radio and they head into the frontier.  BP calls in Raven. Meanwhile another Scout, with clear visual of the area, tells BP “I’ll tell you where they dropped down and disappeared into the wash” so you can tell Raven.  The agents begin cutting sign.  Our Scout continues to watch and as Raven came over the right area, the Scout is reporting, Ready…….Yes…Right there.  Raven comes in and dusts the wash to keep them pinned down while agents went in to apprehend them.

They were four Hispanic males dressed in camouflage.

Raven, on the way out, circled back around and an agent hanging out the gun door, gave us a thumbs up and salute before heading out.  Very cool.

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