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Posted on Nov 03, 2016

When I completed my last military command in 1991, I never imagined that I would be engaged in a war for 11 years inside these United States with no end in sight.  Make no mistake, there is a war going on in the US. There has long been smuggling across our southern border but in recent years the drug cartels have taken total control.  

It is no longer just about people coming for a better life.  It is now about what is being trafficked illegally into the United States and what it is doing to our country and our citizens.

The Cartel is trafficking:

Humans, Narcotics, Firearms and Explosives and Women and Children for the Sex Slave Trade

And if that wasn’t enough, now the even bigger threat – terrorists.

The danger to us as Americans is very real.  Tens of thousands of people cross illegally into this country every year – thousands every month, hundreds every day.  One terrorist carrying in one dirty bomb could slip into this country tonight.  Or tomorrow night.  Or the night after.  One terrorist renting a truck……. 

Our government is not securing our borders.  Because of that, I am currently engaged in an operation I believe is of the utmost importance for the survival of this Republic. 

As an American and a Marine, I have to do what I can.  I hope you will do what you can.  

Help us secure our border.

God Bless the United States Border Patrol and God Help America.

Semper Fi

Colonel Joe Adams


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