Operation Blunt Force Day 48

US Border Patrol and the Sherriff's Office Working Together to Stop Drug Trafficking

Posted on Apr 30, 2017

Just after 12pm two smugglers (drug mules) were spotted
crossing Hwy 286 South of Three Points Arizona heading east.  Both
smugglers were transporting large bundles of narcotics.  These mules
were carrying double bundles and would have at least weighed 60
pound per person for a total of 120 pounds.  When the mules were spotted,
they were already across the highway so it is possible that there were
more smugglers that had already crossed. 

Border Patrol was contacted and informed where the smugglers crossed and were last seen.  Two Border Patrol Agents, Border Patrol Canine, Four Bortac Agents (Border Patrol
"Special Forces"), and two Pima County Sheriff Deputies arrive at the
sight where the smugglers were last seen. 

I need to mention that in the last 12 years of working the Border I nor any of the Project Bluelight Scouts have ever seen the Sheriff's Deputies supporting a Border Patrol
Operation.  I can only speculate that the Trump Administration is having
an effect on co-operation between these agencies.  

One of the BP Agents texted us a few hours later and reported that they had tracked the
mules approximately 10 miles before losing their sign at another intersecting highway where they no doubt got picked up. The Agent said it was so hot that the canine did not last very long and was of no help.  Damn!

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