Operation Blunt Force Day 3

Angels detect six illegals

Nov 29, 2016

Hear how the Scouts coordinated with Border Patrol agents to round up six illegal aliens crossing into the US

Colonel Adams

Colonel Joe Adams on Blunt Force Truth

Nov 28, 2016

Hear Colonel Adams on Blunt Force Truth with Chuck Woolery

Operation Irongate Day 34

Scouts recover three sets of human remains

Nov 24, 2016

Remains of three people found - one California woman missing for 5 years

Operation Irongate Day 23

Decomposing Illegal Alien Found in Arizona Desert

Nov 22, 2016

Who was this man and why is he wearing "drug booties" to conceal his tracks.

Colonel Adams

Colonel Joe Adams Speaks at Guns Save Life in Champaign Illinois

Nov 20, 2016

Colonel Adams tells the crowd what is really happening on our southern border.

Operation Irongate Day 18

BP cuffing apprehended IAs

Nov 06, 2016

US Border Patrol getting the job done

Operations Irongate Day 15

Koran found on smuggling route through the Arizona desert

Nov 05, 2016

Why would a Koran be found on a known drug smuggling route?

Operation Irongate Day 8

Human skull recovered in the Arizona desert

Nov 03, 2016

Was this person decapitated?

Operation Irongate Day 6

Four Hispanic males detected and apprehended

Nov 03, 2016

Operation Irongate Day 2

Typical Layup

Nov 03, 2016

Can you believe this trash is being dumped in our desert?