Colonel Joe Adams

President, Project Bluelight Foundation

Joe Adams stands out as a true patriot. A former Marine, Adams has three decades of work as a contract operative with various government agencies including the FBI, DEA, and the Central Intelligence Agency as well as with foreign militaries friendly to the United States.  Adams deployed five times on four continents to those foreign armies fighting totalitarian governments and communism around the world.

In 2005, Adams traveled to Arizona to view first hand the dangerous, porous, and crime ridden border with Mexico.  He went to work with the Minute Man Project and in 2008 went on to found Project Bluelight.

Project Bluelight is an anti-terrorist intelligence operation in support of Homeland Security personnel in the field. Adams is in the eleventh year of this war on our southern border with no end in sight.  The Project Bluelight Scouts, under his command, are directly responsible for coordinating the apprehension of almost 10,000 persons entering this country illegally from 126 foreign countries including eleven terrorist states, tons of narcotics, and countless weapons and explosive devices.

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