Operation Irongate Day 23

Decomposing Illegal Alien Found in Arizona Desert

Posted on Nov 22, 2016

During an operation up in a well known drug smuggling area in the mountains, we came upon this decomposing body.  We didn't check for an ID because of the horrific smell.  GPS coordinates were called in to county homicide.  Notice the smuggler is wearing drug booties.  It can be as simple as a piece of carpet tied around the sole of their shoe.  Or it could be actual booties covering the entire shoe.  These are sold on the Mexican side of the border in stores where those planning on crossing illegally into the US stock up on supplies for their crossing.  

The purpose of the drug booties is to conceal their tracks to make it harder to cut their sign.  Before 2014, only smugglers with cargo wore drug booties.  In the last two years, most coming in illegally are all wearing them.  

Also, in the past, we would normally find a deceased person every four or five musters.  Now, it's pretty much every time. 

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